A set of football teams with amazing nicknames

The next article will review some of the quirkiest football team names in world football.

A pretty small football team in the leading division of the Spanish league has just about the most funny nicknames in world football, but it is a label that the community holds close. Los Pepineros, which equates to ‘the cucumbers’ play in one of the suburbs of Madrid. The area was its own community many years ago and it was where a lot of the commercial farmers that worked in the area lived and, of course, they chiefly grew cucumbers. The amusing name does not suggest the club itself is any type of joke, as the Leganés owner would attest, the club has made a tremendous amount of money since establishing itself in the profitable Spanish leading division. The club and the town have come a long way since their cucumber growing days.

Italian soccer is world today popular, but a number of the names of the teams will not be so well known. Just about the most renowned teams to ever play in Italy through the 90’s was likewise well known as the Rossoneri or Diavolo, the former means the red and blacks, while the latter means The Devil. The first name has relatively evident connotations, which is of course from the colours of their home strip. The new AC Milan owner has taken over a team well-known for its historic football teams, but likewise for its famous soccer strip. The kit, which is like to the football club logo, is comprised of vertical black and red stripes with white shorts. The top hasn't changed too much over many years, in contrast to some other clubs, which has helped to allow it to become so recognisable all around the globe. The success of the club as one of the best football clubs in Europe has helped to circulate the sales of the shirt to every corner of the world.

Argentina has just about the most well-known international sides, which includes perhaps the very best footballer of all time, but the domestic league is much less best known. There is one hugely competitive derby in the division, but that is not the only appealing thing in the league; one of the teams, which plays in La Plata, is known as ‘The Rat Stabbers’. The strange name comes from the fact there is a excellent medical school in the city where they would experiment on rats in the past. This name must be the oddest there is, but the club is really one of the most successful and they even have a ground that can hold more people than many premier league clubs. The team has won the South American top team competition 4 times which makes it one of the best teams in Argentina, some thing the Estudiantes de La Plata owner would be highly proud of.

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